Beyond our publications and events, longstanding committees within the CSSA maintain a variety of programs and resources that support our mission:


Our organization is centered around conservation…

See conservation related news and learn more about the efforts of our Conservation Committee


The Society also directly supports research projects related to succulent plants and their ecology.

Learn more about the efforts of our Research Committee

Researchers can download our Grant Application Packet for more info.


CSSA provides services to Cactus and Succulent groups across the US and around the world. Find local CSSA Affiliate clubs on this map if you would like to attend a meeting nearby.

We are currently working to rebuild our affiliates page to provide more services to our affiliate clubs. In the meantime, check out our guide on Creating and Maintaining a Local Society.

Affiliate clubs: You will have a place on our upcoming membership system, but you will need a unique email address that isn’t the same as an individual member. You can pay your 2024 dues using the form included in the Journal, or contact for more info.

COMING SOON: Each committee page will have its own news feed, a list of committee members, a contact form, and other relevant resources. See the skeleton page up for Conservation as an example.