The CSSA has been connecting hobbyists, growers, and scientists to local cactus and succulent clubs since the Affiliate Program began in the 1930s.

Connect with your local society

CSSA Affiliated Societies Map

Find the meeting location and website info of an active affiliate club near you.

National Event Calendar

Our CSSA & Affiliate Societies Event Calendar covers annual show and sale events of affiliate clubs as well as national CSSA events and regional events of interest.

To request or update a listing, please email the Calendar Coordinator, Laurel Woodley, at

Affiliate Society List

Our Affiliate Committee keeps an updated list of all Affiliate Societies around the world. Keeping the list up to date helps us keep the map and calendar updated for users interested in finding local clubs, attending local meetings, and contacting local leaders. Make sure your Affiliate Club information is up to date.

If you are the Affiliate Rep. for your Society, use this form to update your Society’s info. If you have questions regarding the form, contact the committee at

Resources & Information for Affiliate Clubs

Creating and Maintaining a Local Society

The Affiliate Committee has published this PDF guide to help officers and board members start and run a non-profit plant society. Download a free copy.

Affiliate News

Communications from the Affiliate Committee to local societies and blog posts with information of interest to affiliates will be collected here.

Affiliate Membership and Information

Affiliate society memberships

Affiliate clubs have a membership on the Member Portal site and should pay their dues there if possible.

The street address you use on the Member Portal profile is for Journal delivery only, not the legal address of the club or the meeting location.

In order to claim an account there, you will need a unique email address that isn’t the same as any individual member.

Contact for assistance with membership and dues payment.

Updating affiliate information

If you are the Affiliate Rep. for your Society, use this form to update your Society’s “Affiliate List” info. This will include your Presidents and Newsletter Editors contact info, other contact information, and event details.

Note that the event calendar is updated separately by sending event info to the Calendar Coordinator, Laurel Woodley, at

The CSSA Affiliates Committee

The Affiliates Committee is responsible for communications between the CSSA and local clubs.

We strive to to assist the affiliate societies by promoting their local activities and providing information and resources to help them improve their operations.

Committee Members

Co-Chairs: John Martinez, MA Bjarkman
Members: Ann Hopkinson, Judith Goodrode, Mike Hellmann, Art Scarpa, Kimberly Tong


For general inquiries:

For Affiliate Clubs – questions and support: Your society’s appointed Affiliate Rep should have been assigned a contact on the committee. You should email them directly.


A meeting of the Affiliate Committee open to all Society Affiliate Reps and officers is held every 2 years at the Biennial Convention.