“Cactus and Succulent Journal” – Volume 96-1

Cactus and Succulent Journal Volume 96-1 is now available. Notable themes in this issue include Dudleya, Epiphyllums of Nicaragua, Namibia, and a review of the book The Cactus Hunters by Jared Marguiies.

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In this issue

  • Grower’s Spotlight: Growing endangered native cacti and other species in subtropical Florida
    James V. Freeman
  • Euphorbia latex danger
    Sue Hakala
  • Exploring Namibia’s diverse succulent and arid-adapted flora: notes from fieldwork
    Marc Fradera-Soler, Rosalind Tshikeso, Leevid Nanyeni, Olwen M Grace
  • Dudleya farinosa: environmental challenges, human threats, and conservation
    Clare Roller
  • Epiphyllum thomasianum subsp. costaricense in Nicaragua Part II
    Leland Smith
  • Conscientious consumers support ethical, responsible and sustainable use of succulent plants
    Tanseem Variawa, SANBI
  • North From the Cape: a survey of the Cape Region of South Africa’s succulent plants, part 1
    Fred Dortort
  • Self-portrait with Tephrocactus articulatus
    Root Gorelick
  • Rediscovery of the Type Locality of Lithops opalina and taxonomic implications
    Peter Beiersdorfer, Jaan K Lepson, Hilde Mouton, and Frikkie Mouton
  • Dudleya of the Channel Islands: conservation successes and taxonomy
    Stephen Ward McCabe
  • Epiphyllum phyllanthus subsp. rubrocoronatum in Nicaragua
    Leland Smith
  • Book Review: The Cactus Hunters: Desire and Extinction in the Illicit Succulent Trade. By Jared D. Margulies.
    Robert Anthony Villa and Caroline Tracey

Cactus and Succulent Journal
96-1 Spring 2024

The Cactus & Succulent Journal has been published continually by the CSSA since 1929.

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