“Haseltonia” 30 – 2023

Haseltonia 30 is now available, both in print and individual article downloads.
Haseltonia 30 - 2023

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Haseltonia is the peer-reviewed research yearbook of the Cactus & Succulent Society of America.

Haseltonia 30 Contents

  • A phylogenetic classification of Grusonia, Opuntioidea, Cactaceae – Rolando T. Bárcenas
  • New nomenclatural combinations and types for Cactaceae in Utah – A. Dean Stock
  • Drosanthemum aasvolbergense, a new obligatory cremnophyte from the Eastern Cape – Ernst van Jaarsveld
  • Kalanchoe sect. Rhombopilosae (Crassulaceae subfamily Kalachooideae, a new section for K. rhombopilosa in the woody clade of K. subgenus Kalanchoe – Gideon F. Smith
  • William Taylor Marshall: his contributions to succulent plant study and a full bibliography of his published work – Colin C. Walker and David M. Schultz
  • Nomenclatural note: an update on Leptocereus – Michael A. Wisnev and Roy Mottram
  • Melocactus praerupticola  subsp. pygmaeus (Hoxey, Gdaniec & Ackerman) Areces, comb. et stat. nov.: review of the miniature mountain Melocactus populations of the Greater Antilles  – Alberto E. Areces Mallea
  • Towards a treatment of the cactus family (Cactaceae) on Hispaniola: generic key, species checklist, nomenclature assessments, and distribution notes – Yuley Encarnación Piñeyro, William Cinea and Lucas C.  Majure

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